Friday, January 27, 2012

the hot mess

This week was a zoo.  Saturday to Friday it has been the most emotional, stressful week I can remember, at least back to the week before my wedding!

The quick story:
We have water damage, insurance sends money, we hire contractor, he hires someone else to do the job, that guy makes a giant mess in our home, original contractor says he'll fix it in one day but takes 2 days and only gets 1/2way done, I ask them to leave, and a professional cleaning crew of 4 comes in to take 3 days to clean up the mess.   Needlesstosay, a hot mess.

I'll post more photos later, but just know, it was a nightmare.

So far, so good, scraping popcorn is done, fixing damaged sheet rock seams to retexture

a bit nerve-wracking.... my entire living room covered in plastic as they are fixing the damaged spots

Sophie's bed....seriousllllllly? SCARY.  They walked on her stuff too, and broke the curtain rod.

nasty waterlogged sheet rock in the attic that they told us they replaced

water damage in ceiling that they tried to say they replaced, but instead they just textured over it and painted it.  After it was done, the whole ceiling had to be torn out again to be fixed

typical display of the sheet rock and popcorn ceiling dust that covered our ENTIRE home.  Every floor, shelf, book, painting, dish, piece of furniture, bed, etc. etc.

It's getting better now, 4 determined women with vacuums and cleaning supplies are taking it by force so we will be back home ASAP.  (Clicks heels 3 times).  Even then, we will have at least 20 loads of laundry to do, and EVERY dish to wash.  How exciting! :/

I promise to jump in with a happier note next week, of the progress of the studio and my 3 newest paintings!

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  1. Man, that really stinks! I hope it resolves itself soon and that you are reimbursed for the extra pain in the rump.