Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Steam punk gun from a squirt gun

I had too much fun with this.  My son decided that for the Scarbrough Renaissance faire this year, he wanted to go in steam punk style.

This is not a tutorial, just some shots of before, during, and after.  
I used spray paint for the base, paint pens and acrylic paints, and beads and buttons and bottle caps and broken metal bits.
Before and after... Left side

Squirt guns were bought in a two pack on Amazon prime. 

Quickly sanded and a base coat of spray Paint....

Starting to add bits of metallic silver, gold, black paint and paint pen, followed by acrylic artist paints.....

Now for the fun part, take out all your random stuff and start gluing!  I just used regular superglue.

Before and after of the right side---

I already primed the other squirt gun, I have to make another one immediately.  ;)