Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Artful Mayhem Studio

Just a quick little photo from the Artful Mayhem Studio open house last Saturday; obviously  my absence here is just a reflection of how busy things have been the past few weeks, both wrapping up the madness that occurred with our house project, as well as getting everything for the studio ready!

While I thoroughly researched all that I'd need to launch this new 'brick and mortar' business, there was more time involved than expected in each step... From city codes and inspections to sign permits, setting up credit and deposits for utilities, to the launching of a new website and html codes and newsletters, liability waivers and insurance, and legal disclaimers in policies and procedures, each step seemed to take a bit more effort and time than I had hoped.  But I have done it.

Although I've taught in the past, and had most of my curriculum and supplies in order, it's a whole 'nother level when it's launched big-time to the public. 

With losing a week of set-up time at the studio due to the home reno disaster, I was under a time crunch last week to get it all ready. I just focused on doing one thing at a time, prioritizing each project and crossing it off the list to launch another.  There were some long days involved, but my help was just remembering 'I can only do what I can do'.  That kept me from getting stressed.  I just didn't want to get too preoccupied, or run past other's needs just focused on my own.  I also asked for HELP when I needed it!  It's funny how certain friends have really stepped up to pitch in and support me; and how others have been mysteriously absent.  Whether it was showing up at the studio with hands ready to help, or spreading the word about the studio, baking cupcakes for the open house, or supporting me by just signing up their kids for classes, I have taken it all in.  I think I'm trying to ignore the silence I've gotten from others that I had counted on, that I trusted and had expected support from.  Instead I'm relishing the love I have received, celebrating that instead of being upset from the lack-of it from others.

I hope that's not too much of a 'downer' note to leave you on.  I honestly have too much to do to try to figure out a way to pep it up!  One thing I'm looking forward to is posting pics of some of the fun projects we did in the studio using recycled materials.  Right now though, I need to get some unfinished business done up there, like actually planting the flowers in the pots (they are just set on top of them for now, lol!) and finishing my signage for both doors, as well as ordering t-shirts and flyers.  Oh, and preparing for my big show this weekend, Underground!  It's pretty much guaranteed to be brilliant.

Until then...keep dreaming! 

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  1. I'm sorry we didn't make it out to the grand opening! We ended up taking care of some things around our house that have been neglected. But I hope the blog posts helped. And I think one of my friends signed her kids up for classes today!