Monday, January 2, 2012

Blogging for no good reason...

So, I kind of ditched my blog a few months ago when things got busy with art shows.  I think it has just been much more rewarding (socially) to post on my Facebook, where I get quick feedback, then here where I just hear crickets....

I've resisted blogging for a few years now, honestly, I didn't really see the point of it when people have to track you down to see what you are doing.... and on Facebook (which I am obviously a big fan of) your posts just happen in among those of their friends and family.  A big part of it, too, was that I hate (well, strongly dislike)  updating my website, and this blogging thing sort of felt like the same thing.

I'm learning now, that it isn't, of course.  With the discovery of some killer blogs like Sarah of Thrifty Design Chick) , Lisa from Lil Blue Boo, and Casey from Casey Leigh (The Wiegands) I see the value in following someone that you feel a connection to, or share similar design tastes, parenting styles, sense of humor, etc.  Of course, I have some friends and family that blog too, so instead of just tracking their lives and posts, I might as well chase them down via blog as well.

Now, after a blog hiatus due to my crazy busy schedule of holiday art shows, and then 2 weeks of actual holiday madness, I now have a bit of a break before things fire up again in February for my business.  I'm planning out not only that time, but also the year... what's next with my personal relationships?  my art?  my time?  my fitness?  Time to decide, to kick it in gear.

I haven't decided if I'll blog or not, and I'm not ready to decide.  It's funny, I actually 'think' in blog posts.  I work on a project, or a recipe, and actually 'write it out' in my head.  Thing is, it doesn't make it here.  Maybe I just haven't felt the value of blogging yet?  How many people out there just type and type, hoping to influence others, and it just floats out into cyberspace, with no effect?  I see that a lot.  And I don't want that to be me.

I'm not sure if I thought starting this blog would be to help me, or to record my thoughts for posterity, or to help encourage others, or to build my business.  It was probably a slice of each of those, all thrown together.  One thing I do know, is that September, 4 months ago, launched a new season for me.  I made changes to my habits, my friendships, my time, my goals, and, most importantly, my health.  I just decided to live more as myself.  I took control of my eating habits and diet.  I started exercising.  I produced new, personal, emotional work for my first solo art exhibition.  I dyed a big chunk of my hair bright red.  I did a 6 week, intensive detox diet (and didn't cheat).  By the end of the year, as I turned 35, I feel like I launched myself both forward and backward, claiming parts of me that have sat long dormant, and defining parts of me that haven't had the chance to flourish before.  I feel so much more 'ME' than I have in 10+ years.  It's good, really good.

I think, as I type this, I want to clarify that I want this blog not to be so much of a commitment, or even a goal, but here when I need it to be.  I don't want to have something else to keep up with, or to work for.  I don't want to work to have my words be politically or grammatically correct (which, I'm sure will horrify both my cousin Joel, and friend Dana, among others).  I just want it to be reflective, more like a journal would be.  There's no auto correct, or edit/copy/delete/paste function in an old school lined paper diary.  That's how I want to roll here. From the heart.

I guess I just plan to show up when I want to, haphazardly, sometimes with a specific sentiment or project to share, sometimes just to share.  Either way, I hope to catch you along the ride.


  1. Glad to see you blogging again, even if only sporadically, I always enjoy your musings! I started mine up again, for the umpteenth time as well, we will see!! Thanks for sharing a piece of you Sarah! Dana Nichols

  2. Just be you lovey dove- beautiful!

  3. Thanks to you both; it's refreshing even just to get a teensy tiny bit of feedback.

    I value 'making a difference', so it's not about popularity or recognition, but more about seeing something actually happen.