Friday, September 26, 2014

80s inspired charm necklace

I bought a crazy rainbow striped dress this week that looked like a pack of Lifesavers to wear to a vinyl toy art show that I was participating in. I was afraid it was too loud, but wanted a perfect piece of jewelry to wear with it. The colors reminded me of the crazy 80s, so I decided to pull a bunch of awesome plastic mini toys and objects and make a necklace inspired by the charm necklaces we wore in elementary school.

I got the colored chain at hobby lobby and two large charms there, the gold bicycle and large black glasses, as well as two packs of miniature, bright colored Christmas ornaments. I bought two pairs of earrings at Claire's that I took apart for smaller bright colored charms, and the rest is either from my shadow boxes of cute mini things, or pieces of my kids toys or game pieces.

I love the end result, it's fun and playful and I had quite a few compliments on it last night, even strangers who were mildly obsessed with it. LOL. It's not superheavy since most of it is plastic.  The funny part is, I still have enough stuff that I could probably make an entire other necklace! LOL

Which are your favorite charms? 
Did you have one as a kid?