Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What is today? Wednesday?

Seriously, what a blur.  I can not believe everything that has happened these past 10 days!

Just today, I finished making my first big batch of yogurt (not even hard to do and so yummy), got a faucet at Home Depot and took it to the landlord for the workroom sink, got a business phone, went and hooked it up, filed amendments to my lease (and they were approved, yea!), submitted an old invoice for a custom job last fall, and set up not only my certificate of occupancy, but the inspection for that AND the fire inspection.  Yikes!  I will have a key within 48 hours, and, pending all inspections go as planned, be able to begin painting and moving in by Friday afternoon!  Squeeeee!  Exciting!  It's fun to have a 'business mailing address' and phone number.  All legit.  I've been STALKING my bank account all day, waiting and waiting for the LLC paperwork to be approved (my new corporate business license with the state).  I've never wanted to see my bank account;postID=5219478942825968316drop $300 this desperately!  lol.  Hopefully today, then I can set up my bank account.

It's so rad and random how things keep being offered up for the studio.  Today  I found a nice desk that someone had pitched to the curb; i didn't need the desk but have you seen all the cute stuff that people have been making with empty drawers?  I'll attached them to the wall for storage.
This one is my favorite:

All in all, this is a ride, but it's fun.  Like this:
I'm alllll in, baby!

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