Friday, January 6, 2012

Ya got it? I want it!

I  need quite a few random things for the art studio, so I'm enlisting your help!  Some of what I'm seeking to start off is recyclable stuff, meaning you probably use it and pitch it in the bin each month, so you might as well wash it and give it to me for a new life! Some of it is a request for things you might have lying around unused, or you are going to replace soon. I'll be updating this list daily as I fulfill needs or have more, so comment if you have something to donate, or send me a message either on facebook or to info @ artfulmayhemstudio DOT (com).  Most of these items new are only $1-30 bucks each, which is pretty minimal, UNLESS you consider that you have to buy all of them at once, before you even open your doors.  That's why I'm happy to accept your hand-me-downs!

'Junk' NEEDS:
-glass jars, any size from baby food up to the giant pickle jars  (need a LOT of these, approx. 100), washed with labels removed, keep the lid if you have it!  No plastic (peanut-butter-type) jars.
-empty tin cans; ones where they have been opened with a SAFE can opener (no sharp edges).  Sizes: from tomato paste to regular 'Campbell's soup' size to the giant ones. (need: approx 30 of these).

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-Wood scraps: (2x4's, 4x6's, pieces of plywood, mdf, etc.)   Thanks Dana!
-altoid tins
-child-friendly magazines for collage.  No fashion mags with risque photos, or violent images, please.
-metal tins (like those Christmas cookies or popcorn ones!).  any design.
-those plastic cups they give your kids at Chili's, etc. with cartoon characters on them!

Misc. Household item & furniture needs: 
(these can be in 'used' condition, for sure!)
Coffeepot  got it! thanks Cindy!

Small Microwave
Mini Fridge got it!  Thanks Eric!
Dishtowels/dish rags (any color, worn out is fine) thank you, Rachel!

misc. flatware!  I don't care if they match, I want 4 each of forks, spoons, and knives. bought them
Indoor small broom
outdoor 'park' bench
washable rug for bathroom
soap dish
wall pencil sharpener
electric pencil sharpener
bookshelves  (got a few! Thanks Joycelyn! could use a few more)
table lamp or freestanding floor lamp (got one, need one more!) Thanks Dana and Venicia

storage bins (most sizes, ask if you have something!)
outdoor trash can
any books about art, or drawing, or crafting, or art history, any level
children's picture books, any condition (for kids in the 'waiting' area)
kitchen faucet (one for 3 or 4 holed sink) purchased

We can always use random art supplies you might have an excess of:
scissors (kids or adult)
paper (printer paper, watercolor, misc. scrapbooking or manilla or construction)
post-it notes
glue sticks
tape (scotch or painters)
elmer's school glue
wooden clothespins
Sharpies!  any color
colored pencils (any type)
file folders

Friendly helpful items you could buy new to bless us:
anything on the lists above!
AA Batteries (rechargeable if possible)
giftcard for Target, IKEA, World Market, Home Depot, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Ross, etc!
case of toilet paper
case of paper towels
kleenex tissues
antibacterial hand gel
Command hooks
watercooler (like the ozarka 2-3 gallon ones)
tubes of acrylic paint
lightbulbs (energy efficient, please)

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  1. I'm in the middle of a great big craft room re-do, and I've got quite a bit of this stuff in duplicate (and maybe some stuff you didn't know you wanted!) I don't want to put the re-do on hold to search for duplicates, but if you want to come over and dig through what I've got sorted, you can have any extras that I've got, and anything in the "garage sale" box.

    Also, you can make chalkboard paint with regular latex and some other stuff. It's worth googling.