Friday, March 29, 2013

The Hair

While searching for pics on Pinterest of what to do next with my hair, I realized I should probably put a few of my own recent hair photos up; since I frequently get compliments about it.  I figure if I'm looking for ideas about new styles, someone else might possibly be inspired by mine.  :)

November 2012

I do my own color.  The grey streak is natural, it's scattered throughout, but is most concentrated on the right side so I just pull out that section when I color to let it stay natural.  The rest of my hair (dark brown) is the natural color, but I do give it a temp color every few months just to even out the greys.

January 2012 - curly!

The red streak is achieved by bleaching the tar out of it. lol.  Seriously though, I let it sit 1-2 hours the first time to reallly get it white so the red can be truly vivid.  My hair is great with this color, I only have to touch it up every 6 weeks or so.  I will just add the red back over my roots and the streak and let it sit a good hour.  Then, ever 2-3 months (the next time) I will bleach the roots again when I do it.  The first time I used 'Splat' luscious raspberries (2 in 1 kit) with great success - only $12 or so from the drug store.  For re-dyes, I use 'Manic Panic' vampire red (Sally beauty supply).  They are both very close in color. 

December 2011 - right  before I cut it

December 2011 - just after a fresh cut
I'm fortunate that I don't have to wash my hair more than 2x a week; I can get a good 3 days out of a blow-out, and wear it curly 1-2 days after a shower as well.  Then I'll add a hat or ponytail.  Since my job is so casual, I have to admit I have a ponytail at least 3 days per week.  I just don't need hair in my face when I have paint all over my hands! :)   Everyone is shocked when I tell them how long my color lasts - even the people at Toni & Guy were asking about it! lol.  I know the color could probably be way better if done by a professional, but I can't afford that.  $5/month to do it myself is good for me.

Here is my hair board on Pinterest with ideas about what to do next!  I'm REALLLLY wanting to go for it with the whole head, just even for once, to try it.  We will see if I get the guts.