Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Happy Pretty Shiny things

A friend visited the studio last week and snapped these lovely photos... You can become a fan of her photography on her facebook fan page: Jessica Rambo Photography  or, for more photos from the studio,  follow her BLOG!

BALLOONS for the open house!

happy little paint spinner

my daughter was a LITTLE bit excited. :)

AMAZING one of a kind aprons by Revel Designs!

The 'hot lava' rug....

paintbrush chandelier!


  1. 1. I love, love, love the new studio and all of the creative ways you made it colorful, fun, fresh and inspiring... and on the cheap! So talented.
    2. I wish I lived closer so Ava and I could come paint with you.
    3. I am so stinkin' excited for you with this new adventure! I know it's not 1999, but "YOU GO GIRL!"

    Summer Walters
    (long lost ACU pal and fellow artist at heart)

  2. Thank you Summer!
    1) there will be a video tour coming soon, friends are editing it. The supply room is my fave and hasn't really been shown yet
    2) Awww, me too! Maybe in the summertime?
    3)Thank you!!! 1999 was a good year, so I will TAKE it! :D