Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Things to Bring for a stay at Great Wolf Lodge (part 1 of 3)

I like to think of myself as a thorough packer, and I plan ahead for stuff (Girl Scout Style). :)  I was very happy with a few things I brought, but was left wishing I had a few key things more.  Here are my tips.

Definitely Bring:
-Snacks!  Drinks!  Other Food Stuffs (see my thrifty tips post for more ideas)
-Multiple Swimsuits for each person (in case they've grown out of one, or want a dry one to change into for another round at the water park).
-Swimsuit coverups (I like to wear a sarong, but quick-dry shorts, tanks, etc. are good).  Seriously, do not be THOSE people who let their kid walk all over the hotel barefoot in a bikini.
-Flip Flops for everyone, or, even better, Aqua Socks/Water shoes!  Let's face it, aqua socks are not really cute, but if it means you don't have to share toe germs with every other person on the stairs or in the walkways or bathrooms of the water park, sacrifice fashion and get you some.  We only had flip flops, and I regretted that we had left the watershoes at home.
-Bag of swim suits to change into if you check in before your room is open, to hit the water park.  Leave your valuables in the car, or a locker is $10.
-Nice PJs for your kids if they would like to go to storytime in the lobby at night.  Slippers too!
-Conditioner for your hair (none of this in the sample bottles in the room). Also, pack those Trial sized toiletries in your pool bag to use when you shower to go home (if using the locker room).   Also combs, deodorant, q-tips, etc. that you will need if you shower in the locker room before leaving.
-Plastic bags to bring the wet swimsuits home
-A little cooler to keep drinks and foods on ice if you are packing them

Recommend Other Stuffs to bring:
-Waterproof camera.  Fun for the water park! And you don't have to stress it getting stolen if you leave it in your stuff.  You can even use it in the big blue slide. :)
-Cash to tip at restaurants/Starbucks when you pay with your bracelet.
-Comfy shoes if you are doing Magiquest.  You will be up and down the stairs, and flip flops are LOUD on the concrete stairwell.
- Goggles for your kids for the waterpark if they are fish.  There is a LOT of chlorine in the air there.
-Fuzzy socks.  Okay, we just love fuzzy socks, but don't forget to pack socks for the fam, as that is one thing they do NOT sell at the gift shop.

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