Saturday, June 21, 2014

Geeked out organized bins

In preparation for the move, we emptied all the medicine cabinets and bathroom drawers and misc. stuff in linen closets in the house. Since we are going from 2 bathrooms to 4, it was important to get everything organized. After tossing out all the old stuff like expired meds, Goopy fingernail polish, and random toiletries we no longer use, I got these great bins for less than four bucks each and got it all sorted. 

To nerd out a bit more, I had some 8.5x11 card stock I had previously stencil spray inked, cut those in half lengthwise, labeled everything  and just stuck them in the side of the bins with the loot. 

This was Seriously easy, and since the big card stock "labels" cover the whole side of the bin, you can easily find what you need without seeing the hot mess inside. Easy Peasy process, with a great sense of satisfaction.

Being this organized before we move I think will really help us settle in more easily.

Like my descriptions?  Lol 

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