Tuesday, January 15, 2013

FYI: I'm bipolar, and it's not just sticks and stones that hurt...

FYI: Referring to the weather casually as 'bipolar' is offensive, unkind or ignorant.

Just like (inappropriately) misdiagnosing or calling someone (or something) any other label could be.... would you use any of these 'retarded, autistic, OCD, schizophrenic, mentally ill' in a negative way to casually joke about someone (whether they are or are not) and think it wouldn't hurt their feelings? I recommend you don't try.

A quick search online found these articles, which reinforced my gut instinct; I'm obviously not alone on this. Just thought I'd help others (any of you who needed clarification) be more educated on your decision to unkindly add more ugly discrimination and stigma to the world. I encourage you to just err on the side of kindness and not use mental (or physical) diagnosis as a metaphor.
The fact that many friends don't get the help they need or even tell their close friends/family/co-workers/pastors/church about their struggles or diagnosis is a continual reminder that we (as friends/peers/family/society/the church) are failing the ones who need us most. 
And some of us have a hard enough time as it is.

In truth and love, Sarah Zamora.

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